A Flood at the Side of the House

A Flood at the Side of the House V1

32 pgs, 5.5″ x 7.19″, b&w, 2013

An illustrated prose and comic dream zine. Compiled from over a decade’s worth of the authors’ dream journals with artistic interpretations from around the globe.

A Dream Zine by

Claire Callow
Jerry White Jr.

Cover, Backgrounds, & Dream Comics by

Alana Carlson

Dream Drawings by

Claire Callow
Alana Carlson
Laura Garavoglia
Lynzie Griffith
Joe Hornacek
Yili Li
James Rubio
Trinity Shi
Jerry White Jr.

Designed & Edited by

Jerry White Jr.

Volume I, 2013

The authors & artists retain the copyright of their respective works herein.